Our first post-Covid meeting was a great success, with 70 members in attendance! We enjoyed seeing friends “in person”, while safely masked.

Our new executive members and convenors were introduced, and each talked about upcoming plans. There was a sale of bundles of quilting fabric, books, etc., that were left to the guild. We had an interesting time, trying to plan the layout of the room in our new location, and there will be some changes when you visit in October!

Show and Tell

October Workshop

Contact Lillian if you are interested in attending this workshop on Oct. 5th. Check the workshop page for more information.


The next workshop is Tuesday Sept 20 at Stitch by Stitch. Drop by, and help work on quilts, pick up a kit or drop off a quilt or finished kit. Check information on the Community Quilts page.

Block of the Month

There will be a new block presented each month, beginning in October. This year, the block instructions will be presented in several different sizes, so you can choose which will work best for your project. Blocks will be shown at the next month’s meeting (October).

Watch for more information on the Block of the Month page.

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