Monthly Social Committee

Each month a Block group is responsible for the following tasks:
1) Set up snack table/clean-up
2) Provide food – healthy snack or treat (All group members)
3) Provide small creamer and milk (team leader)
4) Sell/co-ordinate ticket sales at the administration table (1 person)
5) Greeter and help with attendance at the (administration table) 1 person
6) Assist with setting up Show & Tell (1 person)
7) Assist  the guest speaker as required (2-6 persons)
8) General assistance for guests, Community Quilts and/or set up/take down
9) Bring napkins and paper plates for the group (team leader)
10) Help carry library boxes in and out of their storage area.

You may be asked to do more than one job during an evening, but most are easy and a great way to meet people and say hello.

Each Block has a group co-ordinator.    Members will only be asked to do this once per year so please cooperate and have fun.  It’s a nice way of contributing and feeling involved in your Guild.   Meet at the snack table at previous month’s meeting to organize for the following month.  If you are not available for your assigned month, please contact the membership convenor to have your assignment switched.



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