Block of the Month with Tammy & Patty

Block of the month this year is inspired by the book Alias Grace. It is a true story about a woman who spent 29 years as a prisoner in Kingston Penitentiary in the mid 1800s. The book was written by Margaret Atwood, and it is interwoven with quilt blocks and quilting.

The storytelling involves the creation of quilts throughout
the narrative. There was also a 6 part mini-series entitled Alias Grace that was partially filmed locally and is currently available to watch on Netflix. On the internet there are many gems about this book to be found from blogs and articles related to the quilts of Alias Grace, the hidden meanings of the quilts, dissertation on the book, quilters who have made the blocks, etc.

There are 15 chapters in the Margaret Atwood book, and each chapter is fronted by an 1800s quilt block, which will be our blocks of the month this year. We think these blocks will make a wonderful
display for our next quilt show – and have a Kingston connection!
We will present 2 blocks per month. We are researching the patterns. We want the traditional block – not a new variant. You are free to use our pattern or alternately directions you may have. Please stick to the
original version, as depicted on our website. We can also send to you by email this information. You can choose any colour way that you want or be traditional and use colours that were popular in the 1800s like homespun, reds or greens. As the blocks can be found on the chapters of the book or anywhere on the internet, you may want to work ahead.

What to do with the blocks?
1) Make 1 mini block – size under 20”
2) Put several blocks together to make a wonderful vintage inspired quilt
3) Make a one block quilt that is ready to put on a bed.
For instructions…we are looking up block patterns or trying to dissect the block into what we think it is. We want as close to the original pattern as we can get. We have found some different internet sites for the traditional blocks. You can review our instructions, use your own or look up on the internet!! The blocks use a variety of quilting methods; piecing, templates, etc.

Lady of the Lake Block

One of the blocks still eludes us for an exact replica – lady of the
lake. We have some pictures of the original block, but we haven’t
found the instructions for this representation,  (although we have some that are close, but with your help I’m sure we will find it).
We found Ricky Tims’ free patterns on his “The Legacy Quilt Club Parlour” website. His inspirations were the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. She was born in 1867 close to the time period we are also getting
inspiration from. We found 5 of his patterns that are the same as ours…but only two have the same name as our blocks! In our descriptions we tell you our name for the block – and Ricky’s name for the block. We hope you will join us on this fun adventure
for 2021/22!!

The Quilt Blocks from Alias Grace:

Please join us for this year’s block of the month.  You can join at any time!  Hope to include you in our group.

September block of the Month:

Jagged Edge & Rocky Road 

rocky roadJagged edge

Then October Blocks are:

Puss In the Corner & Young Man’s Fancy 


To add yourself to the email group for pattern information please contact and or

























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