Block of the Month

 BLOCK OF THE MONTH  2019-2020

Our project this season is a mystery quilt.  The picture above, is the layout of the blocks that you will make, one each month.  You can complete your quilt, using this layout either vertically or horizontally.
The completed size of the quilt will be
40 inches x 60 inches, using the above layout.

You choose your theme or colours that you wish for your quilt!
Every quilt will be different!
After completing your blocks, you can add any borders that you would like.

Each month, a numbered space will be selected for your block, along with a saying or quotation that you will use for inspiration for your individual quilt.

Please bring your completed block each month to share your progress.  If you are stumped for an idea for your block, please contact Tammy or Patty who will help with suggestions.

SeptemberBlock 4, size 10.5 inches x 20.5 inches
“I’m a (naughty / knotty / nauti) sweetheart.
Jessica Simpson









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