Block of the Month

Block of the Month with Jody and Lou Anne

Please join us for this year’s block of the month. You can join at any time. Hope to include you in our group. To add yourself to the email group for pattern information please contact

This year we’re taking our inspiration from the amazing developments in space exploration. The James Webb telescope, which released its first photos in July, is going to show us the universe in more detail than we’ve ever seen. (You can learn about the telescope and enjoy the first photos on the website: We’re wondering if the mirror arrangement reminds you of a particular quilting block as much as it does us.

So we’re turning our mind to stars (and galaxies and black holes). We’ll provide a block pattern (or two) each month, beginning in October. Blocks will all be pieced. If you don’t want to make a quilt over the year, and
maybe even if you do, we’re encouraging members to make something each month that can be sold at the quilt show next spring. That could be a table
runner, placemats, carry bag or whatever else you can imagine.

October Block




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