Now on with the rest of the fashion show provided by the
Ottawa Artwear GroupArtWear26_M ArtWear67_M ArtWear66_M ArtWear65_M ArtWear64_M ArtWear63_M ArtWear62_M ArtWear61_M ArtWear60_M ArtWear59_M ArtWear58_M ArtWear57_M ArtWear56_M ArtWear55_M ArtWear54_M ArtWear53_M ArtWear52_M ArtWear51_M ArtWear50_M ArtWear49_M ArtWear48_M ArtWear47_M ArtWear46_M ArtWear45_M ArtWear44_M ArtWear43_M ArtWear42_M ArtWear41_M ArtWear40_M ArtWear39_M ArtWear38_M ArtWear37_M ArtWear36_M ArtWear35_M ArtWear34_M ArtWear33_M ArtWear32_M ArtWear31_M ArtWear30_M ArtWear29_M ArtWear28_M ArtWear27_M

A big “Thank You” goes to the Ottawa Artwear Group for sharing their wonderful fashion show, and inspiring us with their creative use of materials!

We had a wonderful year, and more thanks go to the executive and all the members who participate in the many challenges, workshops, meetings, etc.,
that make up our quilting year.

Hope to see everyone in September, as a new season begins.

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June is the time for our annual spring dinner.
Catering was done by our guild executive.Buffet 2_M Buffet from the start_MDesserts were provided by the December and June Social CommitteesBuffet Desserts_MThis month’s Postcard Group collectionPostcards_MWe also shared our projects during Show and TellSnT 1_M SnT 2_M SnT 3_M SnT 4_M SnT 5_M SnT 6_MSorry that there are no pictures of the two king-size quilts that were displayed, but one of them belonged to the photographer for the evening!

There was a large collection of quilts donated to Community Quilts this month also.CC 1_M CC 2_M CC 3_M CC 4_MOur very special guests were members of the
Ottawa Artwear Group
They provided us with a wonderful fashion show of wearable art. ArtWear002 bags for sale_M ArtWear003 hand dyed fabric and thread for sale_M ArtWear004 custom jewelry for sale_M ArtWear005 custom fibre art jewelry for sale_MTheir commentator did a wonderful job of describing each model in the show, providing details about the garment construction, as well as describing some of the group challenges that were represented.  Since the show has a large number of items, the second half will be in the next post!ArtWear001_MArtWear01_MArtWear02_MArtWear03_MArtWear04_MArtWear05_MArtWear06_MArtWear11_MArtWear12_MArtWear13_MArtWear14_MArtWear15_MArtWear07_MArtWear08_MArtWear09_MArtWear10_MArtWear16_M ArtWear17_M ArtWear18_M ArtWear19_M ArtWear20_MArtWear21_M ArtWear22_M ArtWear23_M ArtWear24_M ArtWear25_MNow on to Part Two!

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The Quilt of Belonging
was displayed in Kingston from June 9 until June 12

On Thursday June 9, there were several school groups visiting.
They learned many things about the quilt, and were able to touch some of the materials that were used to make the blocks.

The opening ceremony took place on Friday June 10Q of B 1 ceremonial drumming_MQ of B 2 Introductions_MQ of B 3 ribbon cutting_M

I hope everyone was able to spend some time with this remarkable creation.Q of B 4_M

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