Travel and Retreats




MacIntosh Inn, Morrisburg
Noon Thursday, October 21 to 3 pm
Sunday, October24
All prices include accommodation, 3
breakfasts and 3 dinners. The food is good
and plentiful.
Coffee, tea and water are included.
You choose your own room partner. I will help
out with telephone numbers and email

Now the cost: Single: $588.00
Double: $412.00/each
Triple: $353.00/each
Quad.: $325.00/each

This is a relaxed retreat. People come and go: to nap, or shop. I will warn the local shops about our visit, and maybe they will give a discount.
We do not compete against each other, instead we support each other, and offer advice. Quilts by consensus!
If the rules change, you may want your passport and vaccine certificates, to visit Joann’s in Ogdensburg and Dreamcatcher Fabrics in Akwasasne.
You must be a member of the Limestone Quilters’ Guild ($35.00, this year).
You should be double vaccinated against COVID19, and you must wear your mask in the public areas of the hotel. That includes open space around the sewing room, but not at your table. Safety is very important.

Contact me, Susan Clarke,, or 613-544-5737, if you
have questions, and if you wish to join us.