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Susan Torrens

4 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Hello! I’m a former member who would like to donate some items for the boutique at the 2012 Quilt Show. I’m downsizing and have several sewing room items-wall decor, books, dolls, a vintage toy sewing machine, etc. Would you kindly put me in touch with the person who is collecting boutique items? Ideally I could deliver the items from my home to her home,

    Kind wishes,.
    Paola Durando
    913 Lynwood Drive
    Kingston, ON
    (613) 384-2370 (evenings)
    (613) 533-6000 x74733 (days)

  2. Susan Clarke says:

    Hi Susan. The Prince Edward County Quilt Show is in Wellington this year. New venue, must go through Bloomfield! Thank you for your work. Susan C.

  3. sally omar says:

    I would like to come and visit your group. my daughter just moved to Kingston and I am thinking to follow her next summer. I am a wearable art sewer ,beginner quilter and a member of the fibre artists group in Oakville on. could you pl contact me so I would visit you during my monthly visits to my daughter

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