Block of the Month


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Block of the Month

Times have changed! No longer are the days when a quilter waits for the weekly or monthly paper, with a Quilt Pattern complete with templates to trace.
What has not changed is the enjoyment that we get from our quilting and the friendships that grow.
Today, it is very difficult to find a common ground for quilters. Because of unlimited information on the internet, many quilters are working at projects on their own. We see that with our monthly Show & Tell.
In an effort to include all members, we encourage you to try some of our suggested techniques. If you do not “Google”, please use our Guild Library or books and magazines that you already own. There are also great classes offered at our local quilt shops.

The Economy Block, also known as Square in a Square is this month’s topic. Here are a few websites to enjoy.
1000+ images about Fussy Squares & Economy Blocks on Pinterest | Block quilt, Modern prints and Baby eyes

I plan to use this block in my Medallion Quilt. As you will see on Pinterest, this simple block, often made from scraps, can produce many looks, simply by your fabric &color choices.

We hope that you enjoy this new format for Block of the Month! & look forward to future Show & Tell.

Carol & Deb


Canadian Quilters Association Challenge

Celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday

Big Quilt Bee

Limestone Quilters’ Guild will be participating in the “Big Quilt Bee” by having members make a Log Cabin Block with the “Canada” fabric as a 4” square hearth.  Members will be asked to use their own stash to complete the block and give it to me (Annie Dickson) or Brynhild Hansen.

The blocks will be sewn together at our Community Quilt Workshops and in May sent to Quilts Canada to be quilted by Long Arm Quilters at the “Big Quilt Bee” which will be held from June 14 – 17, 2017.

The 4 ½“ square Hearths will be available at our December meeting and you will be asked to sign a register for the blocks so that we know how many quilts we will be able to create.  We will send out 2 gentle reminders after one month and two months if you have not returned the completed block and the only reason we are doing this is because of the tight deadlines.


10 INCH SQUARE WORKSHOP NOTES   from November Meeting


Beth Abbott’s 10 inch demos
Disappearing pinwheel sampler quilt pattern

Presidents Challenge 2016       –   Canada 150 Challenge.

This Challenge is a co-operative project by the guilds in the Eastern Ontario region, to celebrate Canada’s 150 birthday. Quilts will be touring our guilds so that we can see what others have created to celebrate our country. They will also be displayed at the Country Fair and Quilt Show at Upper Canada Village in September, 2017.
Each guild has chosen a theme, but they all have the same rules.

The Limestone Quilters’ Guild theme is Canada in Music.

Think of all those terrific songs by Ian and Sylvia, Ronnie Hawkins, Gordon Lightfoot, Buffy St.Marie, Ron Hines, etc., etc. English or French……YOUR CHOICE!

Now the rules

1. All projects are due at the January 2017 meeting. If you are going to be away, give it to an executive member in December, 2016.
2. All projects must have a perimeter no more than 150 inches.
3. All fiber arts are welcome.
4. All quilts must have hanging sleeves.
5. All quilts must be named by song and credits given to the singer and composer.
6. Your name and guild must be on the label, as well.

Presidents Challenge 2016


This year at Limestone Quilter’s Guild , as a  Block of the Month project, we will be designing our own Medallion Quilts.

It will allow each of us to decide on the style, colours, quilt size, to try new techniques, use variations of quilt blocks, and show what simple math can do for us.

Each month Deb Flood and Carol Garner will guide you through the process.

We have two planning/sewing/help days booked at the Odessa Hall.
The first date is Thursday 29 September 2016.

Please drop by the BOM table from 6:30 to 7 at our meeting to see what we have planned. Sign up for a year of fun – to learn and share tips with fellow quilters.

Together, we will make beautiful quilts!

Carol & Deb



5 Responses to Block of the Month

  1. Elaine Munro says:

    In September I was looking for a lug a mug pattern, found your site and downloaded the instructions for your September BOM. I now take my mug in its lovely new holder to both quilting clubs I belong to and to our local SWRI group meetings. We want to give members of the Fife SWRI patterns for lug a mugs and I said I would contact you and ask if you had any objections to our copying your pattern and giving copies to our members. I do hope you will say yes because its the best pattern I’ve seen and far superior to the last one I did! If you do give us permission to use the pattern it will be made clear to our members that it originated in Canada – as, of course, did the WI!

    • Hi Elaine, I emailed the Lug-a-mug pattern writer, Diane Hogan. She gives you permission to share the pattern with your quilt group. Here is what she wrote in her response:

      “Wow! I have absolutely no objections to anyone using the mug carrier pattern or any other BOM pattern!! I actually searched the Internet for mug carrier patterns, found several, and basically took the parts that I liked and modified the pattern until I had one I liked! Nice that she asked permission to use the pattern. Diane Hogan”

      So, there you have it. Thanks for the feedback about the pattern. Send me pictures of your completed Lug-a-mug and I will share them with Diane.


      Ariane Kring
      Limestone Quilters’ Guild
      Kingston, Ontario

  2. Dot says:

    Hello,I just found your site and read about the Lug A Mug pattern,but can’t find it anywhere. Is this still available ?? I sure hope so.

  3. Kathryn Breau says:


    I recently joined the Limestone Quilters Guild and I am trying to do the Block of the Month – the Cathy Price Quilt pattern.
    I am not able to find the posting/link to get the two patterns that it was said were posted already. The patterns were the Lone Starburst and one other one.
    Could you please advise me of the link/address.

    Thank You Kathy

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