Date: Wednesday 2 November 2022

Location: Christ Church Parish Hall,

990 Sydenham Road

Time: Doors open at 6:40 for 7 p.m.

Current Covid Requirements

Excluding speakers while presenting, masks are required to be worn when inside the hall.

Please use hand sanitizer, available at the door. No food or beverages will be allowed in the hall at this time.

Our guest this month is our own Diane Hogan.

She will be showing a slide show or her quilts that she made

during our Covid lockdown.

Community Quilts

Please bring any completed quilts, or consider taking home a kit to help fill the needs in our community.

The workshops will be held at Stitch by Stitch on Tuesday November 1st and 15th. You can also pick up or drop off a quilt project, or leave an extra ruler or tool for use at the workshops. There is now a locker provided just for community quilts. Thanks Stitch by Stitch!

$ Fabric Sale $

There will be a sale of fabric after the presentation and short meeting.

Please bring some funds to shop!

Block of the Month

I hope everyone has enjoyed making the first block, and is looking forward to the next one. Please bring your completed 1st block(s) to share!


The library will be open during the meeting. Check the variety of books available to borrow. Get some inspiration!

President’s Challenge 2022/23

This year’s challenge is to take a common saying and
make a small wall quilt. There is a catch – you must
pick your saying blind from a box full provided by Lyn,
but if you are dismayed by your pick you are allowed a
second chance. Remember to keep your saying a
secret! We will vote for viewer’s choice

1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes

Size – no larger than an 84 inch perimeter, but not
too small. e.g. 20 x 17 inches, 23 x15 inches

Quilts should be quilted, bound and labeled and
ready to hang – add the saying to the label.

Due: April guild meeting and then for the quilt show
in June (registration for show due in March).

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