We welcomed Paul Leger who shared his life as a quilter.paul-leger-modern-quilter_mHe brought two cases of quilts to share with our group.pl-22_mpl-18_m pl-19_m pl-20_m pl-21_mpl-17_mpl-16_mpl-15_mpl-14_mpl-13_mpl-12_mpl-11_mpl-10_mpl-09_mpl-08_mpl-06_mpl-05_mpl-04_mpl-03_mpl-02_mpl-01_mpl-0_mpl-23_m pl-24_m pl-25_m pl-26_mWhat a wonderful collection of quilts, from traditional to modern!

CQA Big Bee
Completed blocks are being turned in to make our guild’s quilt contribution.cc-3-blocks-for-cqa-big-bee_mIf you took a centre square of maple leaf fabric, please bring your completed blocks to the next meeting or give to one of our Community Quilts convenors.

Community Quiltscc-1_m cc-2_mAs always, our meeting ends with
Show and Tell
by our members.snt-01_m snt-02_m snt-03_m snt-04_m snt-05_m snt-06_m snt-07_m snt-08_m snt-09_m snt-11_m snt-12_m snt-13_m snt-14_m snt-15_m

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