Smiling faces greeted members for the first meeting of 2017welcome_m

Our Quilter’s Market was a great success.
Members brought unwanted quilting related items to trade.
They were given a ticket for each item they brought.market-ready-to-begin_mThere was a large selection of fabric, patterns, etc. available.checking-as-numbers-are-called_mTicket numbers were called and then the “shopping” began.
Participants were allowed one item per ticket, and could share their tickets with other members.market-2_mmarket-4_mBy the end of the evening, the tables were bare!
librarian-ready-to-help_mOur library was open to select or return books and magazines.
Refreshments were available thanks to our January group.
Everyone needed a boost of energy to help them shop!time-for-some-refreshments_m

There was a great display of “Show and Tell” projects this month.snt-01_msnt-1_m snt-2_m snt-3_m snt-4_m snt-5_m snt-6_m snt-7_m snt-8a_m snt-9_m snt-10_m snt-11_m snt-12_mWhat a wonderful start to the new year!

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