Our October meeting was well attended and everyone was greeted with a smile at the admissions table.admission-greets-with-a-smile_mOur library was busy, with members searching for some inspiration.a-busy-night-at-the-library_mMembers were welcomed, and then 95 place mats were presented to a representative from the Victorian Order of Nurses.  They will be delivered to Meals on Wheels recipients.meals-on-wheels-01_mmeals-on-wheels-02_mmeals-on-wheels-03_mNext our guest speaker, Lorna McMahon from http://sewfreshquilts.blogspot.com
presented her wonderful trunk show.trunk-00-lorna-mcmahon_m trunk-01_m trunk-02_m trunk-03_m trunk-04_m trunk-05_m trunk-06_m trunk-07_m trunk-08_m trunk-09_m trunk-10_m trunk-11_m trunk-12_m trunk-13_m trunk-14_mWe took a short break to enjoy some refreshments,
then continued on with our business meeting.

These are the community quilts that were completed this month, ready to be distributed to various charities.community-quilts_mThe postcard theme for the month was “Unmentionables”postcard-theme-unmentionables_mAs always, we ended the evening with “Show and Share”snt-01_m snt-02_m snt-03_m snt-04_m snt-05_m snt-06_m snt-07_m snt-08_m snt-09_m snt-10_m snt-11_m snt-12_m snt-13_m snt-14-bowl-and-cover_m snt-15_mSee you next month!

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