September was a busy month for our members.
First, a workshop was held, taught by Beth Cameronour-teacher-beth-cameron_mShe showed us how she made leaf prints using ColourVie pigments.
beth-leaf-print-quilt_mThis is Beth’s beautiful quilt that we used for inspiration.
All the participants brought leaves from their yards and gardens.choosing-leaves-for-printing_mThere was a large selection of leaves from which to choose!workshop-2_mPigment was painted on the back of the chosen leaf….marilyn-putting-the-dye-on-a-leaf_mThen the leaf was carefully positioned on the fabric to make the print.lillian-making-a-print_mThe room became quiet, as everyone concentrated on their tasks – unusual
for a room full of quilters!workshop-1_mBy the end of the day, there were many racks full of printed fabric pieces.hanging-the-prints-for-drying_mI think everyone enjoyed their day of creativity!


This year, our guild, along with several others participated in the annual show.
Our volunteers headed to the village on Friday to hang all the quilts.
Saturday and Sunday brought a steady stream of visitors from Canada, as well as many other countries.  The fair provided fun music and entertainment for all ages, as well as a large tent full of exhibits.
Here are the quilts that our guild shared……img_1832_m img_1833_m img_1834_m img_1835_m img_1836_m img_1837_m img_1838_m img_1839_m img_1840_m img_1841_m img_1843_m img_1844_m img_1845_m img_1847_mThank you to all our volunteers and quilters!

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