Our guests in March were members of the
Trent Valley Guild
They brought some of their members’ quilt to share with us.
Trenton 1_M Trenton 2_M Trenton 3_M Trenton 4_M Trenton 5_M Trenton 6_M Trenton 7_M Trenton 8_M Trenton 9_MOur thanks for sharing and inspiring us with so many wonderful quilts.

It certainly looks like everyone has been busy quilting this month!
Community Quilts had lots of donations this month.
Community Quilts_MSome beautiful postcards were swapped this month.
Postcare Swappers_MMembers responded to the call for 5 inch focal fabric squares to make“Quilts for Kids”
Quilt for refugee families_M

Thanks to the group who brought our delicious snacks this month

Some hand-dyed fabric from last month’s workshop
with Bethany
hand dyed fabric_MLots of Show and Tell to share with our members
SnT 1_M SnT 2_M SnT 3_M SnT 4_M SnT 5_MSnT 6_M SnT 7_M SnT 8_M SnT 9_M SnT 10_M SnT 11_M
What a great variety of quilts!

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