Everyone who attended enjoyed a lovely meal, great company, and lots of fun at our annual Christmas dinner.  The weather cooperated this year, as well!

Our guests at the meeting were Moe and Janice Johnson,  who brought an antique quilt, made in 1840, and spoke about the quilt’s heritage.Guests 1_MGuest 2_MGuest 5_MGuest 4_MGuest 3_M

A variety of wonderful quilts were completed for
Community Quilts this month.Community Quilts 1_M Community Quilts 2_MOur Postcard Group has been busy this month as well.December Postcards_MMany items, including socks and jigsaw puzzles were donated to the Chernobyl Charity.Donations for Chernobyl_MDonations for Chernobyl 2_M
Elizabeth announced the winner of this lovely quilt.Announcing the Winner_MAll our members were very busy – there was a large number of items
for Show and Tell this month!SnT 1_M SnT 2_M SnT 3_M SnT 4_M SnT 5_MSnT 6_M SnT 7_M SnT 8_M SnT 9_M SnT 10_MSnT 11_M SnT 12_M SnT 13_M SnT 14_M SnT 15_M
Our wishes go to all our quilters for
health, happiness and many quilts
in 2016!

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