Our guest this month was
Mad About Patchwork
a quilting warehouse in Stittsville Ontario.
Guest 1_MThis great ”modern” quilt was used as a backdrop to all the items that were for sale.Guest 2_MOur members had lots of time to shop during the meeting.

Another great month for Community Quilts
Community Quilts 1_MOur hardworking coordinatorCommunity Quilts 2_M Community Quilts 3_M Postcards exchanged this month- always so creative!
postcards_MThe theme this month was ”My Roots”

Our Block of the Month program is very active, with lots of blocks shared!bom 1_M bom 2_M bom 3_MIt is wonderful to see blocks for both projects.
The variety of fabrics and colours used, will create some beautiful quilts.

Show and TellSnT 1_M SnT 2_M SnT 3_MA variety of bags were completed this monthSnT 4_MThis ”weekender” was completed after attending last month’s workshop.SnT 10_MMore wonderful projectsSnT 5_M SnT 8_M SnT 9_MFinally, some wonderful scrappy quilts!SnT 6_M SnT 7_MThanks to everyone for sharing and making our meetings great.

Don’t forget that next month is our annual Christmas dinner.
Hope you have your ticket!

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