Our Guild executive for the 2015-2016 season.LQG Exec 15-16_MEveryone had a busy summer, and turned in large number of quilts
for our Community Quilts program.P1010601_M P1010602_M P1010603_M P1010604_MPlacemats for Meals on Wheels
Remember that we need more at the October meeting.P1010605_MThe Postcard Group had their first exchange.P1010600_MA quilt was given to our friendly helper from the Senior Centre who sets up all our chairs, tables, and assists with lots of other details.  The quilt is for her young son!P1010640_MBlock of the Month had examples of the September block.
Help is always available at each meeting.P1010606_MA wonderful variety of Show and Tell items were shared this month as well.P1010642_M P1010644_M P1010645_M P1010646_M P1010648_M P1010650_M P1010652_M P1010653_M P1010654_M P1010655_M P1010656_MThanks to everyone for helping to make a wonderful start to a new quilting season!

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