Our guest speaker, Elizabeth Dillinger provided us with a wonderful trunk show, highlighting her adventures in colour, machine quilting and machine thread painting!IMG_0412 guest Elizabeth Dillinger_M
She brought her first attempt at thread painting, to show her progress, and how her skills developed.
IMG_0416 Guest_M
IMG_0417 Guest_M
Her inspiration comes from many places.  She saw the hummingbird on a cookie package, and contacted the company for permission to use the image!
IMG_0418 Guest from cookie package_M
She began using three dimensional elements in her work.
IMG_0419 Guest 3d and peacock feathers_M
This quilt was inspired by an oil painting (with permission).
There are pearls and real sea shells used as embellishments.
IMG_0420 Guest from painting_M

Another piece inspired by artwork.

IMG_0423 Guest from painting_M

IMG_0424 Guest detail_M
IMG_0425 Guest_M
IMG_0427 Guest grandson_M
IMG_0442Guest closeup_M
IMG_0428 Guest_M

IMG_0429 Guest_M
IMG_0435 Guest for fabric company 3 days_M
The following quilts are samples for her patterns that are available.
IMG_0430 Guest pattern_M IMG_0431 Guest pattern_M IMG_0432 Guest pattern _M IMG_0433 guest pattern_M IMG_0434 Guest pattern_M IMG_0436 Guest pattern_M IMG_0437 Guest pattern_M IMG_0438 Guest pattern_M
We were all inspired by her creativity!

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