Our guest this month was Shahena Fredricks
from Cosy Quilts in Port Hope Ontario

T Shanena Fredericks_MHere are some of the quilts in her trunk show.
T first quilt_MT log cabin_MT snowball and 9 patch_MT small fan quilt_MT 1st large quilt_MT tiny applique_MT Bargello_MT blue and white_MT layer cake_MT made with charm squares_MT Stars_MT Sampler_MT Antique Lace_MIt is interesting to see a quilt made in two different colour-ways.T paper pieced star colour 1_MT paper pieced star colour 2_MHere is two different layouts and two different colour-ways of the workshop quilt project.T Cappuccino colour 2_MT Cappuccino colour 1_MCommunity Quilts for NovemberCommunity Quilts_MPostcardsPostcards_MBoutique items this monthBoutique Items for November_MPresentation of Santa Sacks to a Salvation Army representative.Santa Sack presentation_Mand another amazing  Show and Tell collection!SnT Squares_MSnT Halloween quilt with pillowcase_MSnT Colourful Stars_MSnT Sunflowers and Dragonflies_MSnT sampler quilt_MSnT Woven tree_MSnT Maple leaf with ties_MSnT spinning 9 patch_MSnT Basket and Butterflies_MSnT I Spy_MThese four small quilts were started at the “Little Villages” workshopSnT 4 completed Little Villages from workshop_M

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