The Limestone Quilters Guild members, family and friends are invited to attend the Heirloom Meeting on Tuesday, October 7th
St Johns Anglican Church Hall, Portsmouth
Morning session  9:30-3
Evening session  6:30-8:30

Special Guest    Adam Hamilton

“My name is Adam Hamilton and my family inherited my late Grandmother’s (Shirley Mills) Quilt Studio “Quilts & Other Cover-Ups” from Blenhiem, ON. She supported many of the local vendor and quilt shows all across Ontario for 14 years. Recently we have been working with Guilds across Southern and Eastern Ontario to continue to provide quilters with the Premium 100% Cotton Quilting Fabrics that are not found anywhere else in Canada.

In Shirley’s past studio she provided these high quality fabrics at very reasonable prices $14 to $18 a yard. The studio location has been sold, and we have thousands of bolts of Premium 100% Cotton Quilting Fabric. People who recognize her fabric selection are usually those who have bought from her in the past at vendor and quilt shows across Ontario.

Our family would like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks to everyone who supported her quilting dream and offer her fabrics at your next Guild Meeting!”

We bring 100 well-coordinated fabric bolts to your guild meeting.
We cut right off of the Bolt.
All Fabrics: 100% Cotton Premium Quilting Fabric
GUILD SALE PRICE: $10/Yard (Taxes Included)

Huge Variety of Fabrics by:

  • BATIKS from BALI
  • B & J

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