Kudos to our executive who worked hard to provide a delicious dinner to the large crowd!
Our social group provided wonderful desserts to add to the evening’s enjoyment.

Our guest speaker, Gail Garber, shared many wonderful quilts
She is also proud of her home state of New Mexico, and the wonderful slide presentation made everyone want to travel there soon!
Here are just a few of the many quilts she shared with our groupIMG_0162_MIMG_0160_M IMG_0161_MWe also had many finished quilts added to our Community Quilts program this month
Thanks to all for your hard work all year, to provide quilts for those in need.IMG_0165_M IMG_0166_MHere’s the winner of a prize provided by Eric Simkins
We wish him luck in his new location, coming this summer.IMG_0155_MMargaret of Stitch by Stitch was selling raffle tickets on the Bev Macdonald memorial quilt
Proceeds will be donated to the Big Brothers and Big Sisters in Kingston.IMG_0156_M

A special quilt was presented by our community quilts coordinator to be donated to a transplant recipientIMG_0167_M

A wonderful group of quilts were shared during “show and tell“, to round off
another successful quilting season!IMG_0170_M IMG_0171_M IMG_0172_M IMG_0173_MIMG_0169_MHere’s wishing everyone a wonderful summertime!
See you in September!

Hope everyone will be busy quilting, in preparation for our show in June 2015!

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