IMG_0133These are two of the “embellished spheres” that were made by our guest speaker
Joyce Partridge.
The workshop was enjoyed by all the attendees.
Joyce is also a wonderful quilter, making almost all of her quilts by hand –
hand piecing, as well as hand quilting.IMG_0138 Joyce completes up to four bed-sized quilts per year, and took the time to talk to members after her presentation, answering their numerous questions.
Thank you Joyce!IMG_0136IMG_0139There was a large collection of finished Community Quilts delivered to our meeting too.IMG_0134IMG_0135 The Community Quilts Workshop, held the following Tuesday, was busy, with labels being added to all the finished quilts, quilt tops being pin-basted ready for quilting, binding being added, and new quilt “kits” being prepared.
Everyone also shared a wonderful potluck lunch.
24 quilts were donated to two different programs this month!
Keep up the great work.

Here are just a few of the many “show and tell” quilts shown in MayIMG_0095 IMG_0096 IMG_0098One of our members brought an antique quilt top that was given to her.
What a beauty!IMG_0146Watch for upcoming news about our annual June dinner, coming soon!

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  1. Chris says:

    Did the speaker give instructions on how she made the beautiful embellished balls? Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this group even though I live so far away, in south Alabama!

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