Our April 3rd meeting!!!

april meeting 1

I hope you are all ready for the meeting on Wednesday.

It is at the Seniors’ Center at 56 Francis Street.

The Library opens at 6:30 pm.

The meeting runs from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

We are hosting our three local quilt shops!!

Garden Thyme, Stitch by Stitch and Wilton Creek

will each present some of the new notions, gadgets and gizmos they have in stock.

There will be a short explanation of how to use each item, as well as a short discussion.

You will also have the opportunity to browse

and maybe buy the gadget to make your life easier.

The library will be open, 50/50 tickets will be sold

and there will be a short business meeting.

Don’t forget the snacks too, provided by

The Log Cabin Group!!!


Have you started the sort and de-cluttering of Spring?
Bring all of your old Quilting/Needlework magazines to the Guild Library.
They will sell them cheaply to build a “buying” budget.
The funds raised by selling  Susan McLean’s magazines will go to something on Reproduction or I Spy quilts. They were two of her special interests.
Remember the Guild as you Spring Clean.
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