November Meeting

November 7th Meeting 

I hope you are all ready for the meeting on Wednesday. It is at the Seniors’ Center at 56 Francis Street.

The Library opens at 6:30 pm.

The meeting runs from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

We have guest speaker

Eric Simkins

He is coming to share information about caring for our sewing machines and sergers. 

November UFO Challenge

Now, are you ready for a challenge? This could be the solution to procrastination!
Bring in your unfinished (started?) project(s), get your picture taken, and sign a contract to complete your project(s) by the June meeting. Yes, June, 2013!
Think of what you could accomplish. Think of the satisfaction. And, think of what you could do next!

Block of the Month
Have you finished the center medallion? Bring it in!!! The second section is ready on our web site for all of you to work on, if you are ready. And bring in your work from last month, just to show everyone.
Christmas Dinner tickets will be on sale. 
The price for dinner is $16.00, this year. 
Please bring exact change, or a cheque made out to the Limestone Quilters’ Guild.
Measure the perimeter of your Show and Tell items and bring the measurement in, so that we can Quilt from Sea to Sea!
Bring library books, 50/50 money, your mug, your name tag, dry shoes (if it is wet or snowy), show and tell, Community quilts, postcards from October and November AND check off your name on the attendance sheets to win a prize!


The Rail Fence Group will be providing snacks 
and helping in many different ways.
 Thank you in advance. 
You are the best!


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