October Guild Meeting

The next meeting is on October 5th at 7:00 at the Senior’s Center, 56 Francis Street.
Madeliene Tarasick, a retired principal, who volunteers with “Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan” will give a presentation on the work her organization is doing in Afghanistan. This presentation will highlight the conditions and the assistance these women experience. Last April, the Guild donated a quilt to be used as a fund-raiser by the organization. She will be bringing a number of items, made by the Afghani women, for sale.
The library opens at 6:30. Return the materials promptly, for others to use themselves. Please do not pass books to your friends, instead of returning them. Some items have a waiting list!
You may book your seat for the Lancaster bus trip, a sign of spring for the travellers.
Diane is looking for more Summer Challenge blocks. There will be a draw for the prize!
Luggage tags are also due at the meeting.
Ready to take a chance? $2.00 is the cost of a 50/50 ticket.
Bring your mug. The treats were delicious last month, so you should look forward to Wednesday’s.
Christmas Dinner tickets will also be on sale at the meeting. The Christmas dinner will be held on December 14th at the Edith Rankin United Church.
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